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Larry Calland has made a name for his Conga Jazz ensemble by laying down as strong a groove as you'll find on the Midwestern jazz scene. The 1999 release of Spirit, the first Conga Jazz album, confirmed what fans at live performances knew all along: This band knows how to get a room moving and grooving.

Recorded live at the Jazz Kitchen in Indianapolis on June 4, 1999


"Patcha Moma" (5:41)
(Spirit Mother of the Earth)

"Flor D'Luna" (6:30)

"World Is a Ghetto" (7:52) & Scott

"Latin Lover" (7:30)

"Europa" (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile) (15:58)

"Slow Hot Wind" (7:31)

"Afro Blue" (11:01)


Photo by Aladin Images Inc.

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