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Conga Jazz

Welcome to Larry Calland's online home for Conga Jazz and his other musical projects. The music is jazz with a Latin influence. Call or email us today to book a show!

Diverse sounds from Conga Drum Productions Inc.

Larry Calland of Conga Jazz. Photo by Aladin Images Inc.Conga Drum Productions offers many diverse sounds and ensembles suited for any venue:

Our musicians perform many genres of music, from classical to Latin to seasonal, dance, ethnic, old school and traditional jazz. ... We tailor to fit the client's requirements. With a song selection of over 400, there's not much we can't perform on request. This would be a hard band to try to stump.

Playlists are always available on request. Our musicians have performed for ... national and local festivals, weddings, holiday events, dinners, brunches, various hotel venues, reunions, night clubs, restaurants, private corporate events, dedications, divorces, historical commemorations, poetry sets, charitable organizations, city celebrations, bar mitvahs/bat mitzvahs, graduations. ...

So, if you're contemplating a great time, Conga Drum Productions can fit any groove you want. We can accommodate you at a surprisingly competitive rate.

Music samples

A sample of "Patcha Moma," a 1996 composition.

A passage from "Latin Lover," a 1999 piece.

A bit from our performance of "Europa," a 1976 song.

Conga Jazz music for sale

To buy CDs online, go to cdbaby.com or call (800) BUY-MY-CD with any major credit card or debit card.

Right Back at Cha - album

(March 12, 2007) - It's here! The new Conga Jazz album, Right Back at Cha, has arrived. This album is a compilation of many great songs from some of the greatest musicians of our time.


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